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Website Review of Seat 61

Posted By danielfoley / 23rd January 2015 / Website Reviews / 0 Comments


The man in seat 61

I have never been keen on flying, as such, I have always opted for car, coach or rail travel, especially for my Europe adventures. I found Seat61 to be a one stop shop for planning your holiday without air travel. I did find the website quite dated, but, all the information was readily available. Late last year we had come back from a holiday in Italy (such a beautiful country) and as such most of our journey planning had come from Seat 61.

It’s a shame that the website isn’t more modern, it doesn’t seem to re-size that well on my phone and it would be a great resource to have on the move.

We loved the fact that Seat 61 provided all the required links to book tickets and travel arrangements with overseas companies without having to Google everything.


  • Website absolutely packed with useful travel information
  • Straight forward website navigation, easy to pick location and find external resources
  • Additional media including Youtube video makes for interesting watching
  • Recommended ticket and map routes


  • Website dated
  • Not responsive so awkward to use on a mobile phone


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