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Rough Guide to Bangkok

Located in southeast, Asia, Bangkok, Thailand is rich with glamour, culture and exotic temples. Flights to Bangkok can be found easily online or through a tourism agency from just about anywhere in the world.

After arriving in Bangkok, Thailand, the easiest way to find your way to your hotel is to hire a taxi. Look for a taxi with a meter as it is required by law and remember that meters begin running as you depart for your destination. To travel around the city consider using the monorail system. The BTS Skytrain is air-conditioned, clean and offers reasonable rates. Serving the areas not covered by the Skytrain, the MRT underground network is equally reasonable and also offers air-conditioning. Taxis are always available in a pinch. Bus service is very complex here and not recommended unless you are a well seasoned Bangkok visitor. For short walks, traveling by foot is a great way to get more personal with the local people of Bangkok.

Located all along the river, river taxis are an interesting way to get from place to place and see the sights at ground level. For an authentic experience, try traveling in a Tuk Tuk which is a three wheeled taxi. Modes of transportation will depend on destination so decide where to go and the best way to arrive.

Bangkok is known for its royal palaces and temples. The people of Thailand take great pride in their cultural heritage and it's colorful history through the ages. Therefore, with so many choices of things to see and do, a few of the most popular are highlighted here. If time is not a factor, find cheap flights to Bangkok in order to spend more time perusing the city.

Built in 1782 by King Rama I, the Grand Palace was considered to be grander than those from any other era. Travelers from all over the world come to see the Emerald Buddha which represents Thai Buddhism. Because this is a place of worship, proper attire is required.

Featuring exhibits of gold treasures, old weapons and musical instruments, the National Museum houses a large collection of Thai artifacts.

Climb the 76 meter Tower of Wat Arun and view the Grand Palace from across the Chao Phraya River. Known as the Temple of Dawn, this Ayutthaya styled temple is the official symbol of tourism.

For a wonderful experience and the chance to sample authentic Thai cuisine, board a boat in the Ratchaburi District and cruise to the floating market at Duamnuen Saduak. Noisy and colorful, these floating kitchens offer a wide range of food. Just call over the boat that offers the meal of your choice.

Listen to interesting story about the development of the Thai Silk Industry, visit the Jim Thompson House and Museum. In 1967, Jim Thompson, entrepreneur, went out with friends for a walk in the Malaysian jungle and was never heard from again.

With so many Bangkok flights to choose from, travel during prime seasons.

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